For over a decade, Sculpture Physiques Fitness has provided an unparalleled fitness experience...setting new standards for personal training and group fitness.

Serving clients across Chicago, SPF is now located at
My Time Fitness
2117 N. Damen, Chicago IL (Bucktown)
T: 773.742.3754
Our mission is to provide high quality fitness services that empower as well as uplift our clients knowing that fitness is the cornerstone to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Personal Trainer

owner, spf

Fitness Association of America-certified personal trainer and fitness professional, Steven Evans is based in Chicago, IL. He coaches clients in both private and group gym sessions and has a growing local and national clientbase; reaching across virtual and 1-on-1 coaching sessions. He works with a diverse clientele: from busy executives to couples wishing to shape-up for their wedding to those claiming an 'allergy' to exercise.

A long time self-defense and martial arts instructor as well, Steven specializes in crafting unique fitness programs based on individual client goals and establishes personalized, social-networking affinity groups to provide extra motivation. Throughout, his motto remains "we should laugh during our workouts"...a philosophy promoting a fun and effective atmosphere.

Steven's supportive, yet focused approach assists clients achieve weight-loss, toning, enhanced self-esteem and a healthier lifestyle.

TRAINING programs

Semi-Private Power Circuit Training. 3 - 6 Participants

Power Circuit, a semi-private training program, is a fusion of sports and circuit training. That utilize H.I.I.T. (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts are shorter, challenging, and unleash a host of fat burning hormonal changes from the inside out that allow you to cut your training time. 
By combing HIIT workouts with Functional Exercises and Cardio-Strength Training, your body can safely progress from zero to 60. The more you push your body in short, timed intervals, the more energy or calories you burn to come back to a state of rest.
The scientific principle behind this concept is called EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), which creates an after-burn effect where your metabolism is burning more calories for hours after a workout to return this state of equilibrium. Power Circuits is a perfect balance of structure and versatility to challenge the body and overcome infamous plateaus, the program includes:
• Professional Exercise Equipment
• Comprehensive Fitness Evaluation
• Custom Nutrition Plan

Self Defense Training. 1½ Hour Sessions. 4 Week Program

The SPF Self Defense program has been recognized as one of the top training programs in Chicago. We have earned our reputation by successfully instilling a sense of self-confidence and self-discipline in our clients.
The goal of our training is to empower our clients with the mental, physical, and emotional tools needed to handle any real life situations and survive any altercations. All clients learn the following:
• Awareness & Prevention
• Self Defense Techniques
• Self Defense Strategy
There are three levels: 
• Beginners (Open Hand Defense)
• Intermediate (Weapons Defense)
• Advanced (Private Combat & Ground Defense)

join the fit club

Results speak louder than words. And at SPF, it's all about your goals; where you can feel a difference and see progress at each milestone.  We know it's hard to stick to a fitness program. If it were easy, everyone would have the body of their dreams. But with your commitment and our guidance, you can!

progress reports

• sammy •

4.5” Chest • 1.5" Waist • .5” Arms • 2” Thighs • .5” Calves
Total Weight Loss = 12 lbs.
day 1
day 24
day 4o

progress reports

• mayra •

Mayra's goal was reducing body fat and gaining muscle,
not weight loss
Lost: 1” Chest • 1.5” Waist • 2” Hips • 1.5” Thighs
day 1
day 21
day 39

progress reports

• karen •

2” Chest • 2" Waist • Improved Muscle Tone on Glutes & Abs
Total Weight Loss = 8 lbs.
day 1
day 23
day 41
The benefits of personal training The SPF Way.
Accountability is enforced through a post-workout video diary.
It takes emotional support to reach your fitness goals.
Training The SPF Way is very exciting and energetic.
Knowing what and when to eat including intermittent fasting works.
Keep the momentum going with an in-home training routine.


Please download and complete/read the following 2 pdf files prior to your first session and bring with you.

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Personal Training - Group 3+

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Give someone the body of their dreams! Fitness truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

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Three (3) 1-Hour
Personal Training Sessions:


Terms and Conditions:
Training sessions must be reserved 48 hrs. in advance of desired time
A 24 hr. cancellation period is enforced. If not followed, the session will be counted as completed.
Expires 6 months from date of purchase
Non-transferrable. Cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Not redeemable for cash or refund.
Additional services requested during any training session will be billed in accordance with SPF payment policies and due at time of request.
SPF reserves the right to amend any terms to better serve the general intent of this promotion.

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